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Upholstery items such as sofas, furniture, curtains, chairs, cushions, and recliners need proper care to enhance their look. Whether it is home or office, furnishings play an important role in adding high-level comfort to users. Therefore, you should make sure that they are free from dust and other issues. Cleaning upholstery not only helps to upgrade their working conditions but also improves the lifespan considerably. However, upholstery cleaning involves a lot of challenges and you have to work with a reputed company that follows the best practices.

Wg Cleaning Services takes care of everything when you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your home or office. We provide services in all areas of Dublin that can help transform the appearance of your furnishings significantly.

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How do we clean your upholstery things?

Our company utilizes a variety of steam cleaning techniques while cleaning your upholstery items. We will evaluate the conditions of fabric materials used in furnishings with highly qualified technicians to know how to deal with them before starting the cleaning process.

Moreover, they inspect the seat condition of your upholstery to execute the tasks with more care. We will spot the stains, tears, and any possible damages with high attention to fix them as soon as possible. Then, we recommend the right type of treatment that works well for your furnishings. 

Here are some steps followed in our upholstery cleaning process.

  • We run a color test on the fabric of your upholstery things to make sure that they don’t discolor while using organic solutions 
  • Applying a unique pre-conditioner to remove all the dust and dirt particles 
  • Utilizing deep steaming process and pressure rinsing to ensure that your upholstery becomes shiny 
  • Our cleaners will provide you the tips on how to use vacuum cleaners on your furnishing items after completing the cleaning job

Why you should choose professionals for upholstery cleaning?

Cleaning upholstery items require modern approaches to avoid damages and other issues to a large extent. At Wg cleaning services, our primary objective is to fulfill your needs in the cleaning process with well-equipped machines. 

Our professional upholstery cleaners are highly qualified and they will guide you to clean all kinds of fabrics with eco-friendly products that are free from chemicals. Moreover, they will use the most advanced equipment to clean your furnishings with high efficiency. 

We offer solutions for your upholstery cleaning project with unique techniques. Our team will inspect your furnishings first and create a plan to wipe out dirt and other unwanted particles effectively. 

Here are some benefits offered by our upholstery cleaning services in Dublin.

Improves air quality

Upholstery products collect allergens which will cause health problems in your home or office. With our services, you can enhance the quality of air in your living spaces that give ways to create a healthier environment

Prevents the growth of insects and germs

You can keep your furnishings away from insects and germs that help create a better environment

Enhances aesthetic appearance

Cleaning your upholstery will enhance the look of furnishings and help to preserve them longer

Increases the life of your upholstery

Our professional upholstery cleaning services will help increase their life that enables you to save money on new products

Below you can see some results of our couch and sofa cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

What are our upholstery cleaning techniques?

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1. Deep cleaning
Our deep upholstery cleaning Dublin involves the utilization of a hot water extraction technique that makes your furnishings a clean one. Before that, our cleaners will inspect your upholstery items carefully to know the effects while carrying out the task. They remove grit or other particles that may damage your furniture.
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2. Sanitisation treatment
The treatment aims at killing viruses and bacteria that reside in your upholstery items. It allows you to eliminate asthma and allergies caused by them effectively to live a healthy lifestyle. Our company will also perform the technique in conjunction with other treatments that can help obtain optimal results.
3. Clean and protect technique
This technique involves the use of a stain protector on your furniture products. The application aims at preventing the penetration of spills and oils to reduce permanent marks. It will form a barrier over the fabrics that provide ways to gain more advantages.
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Why choose our services in Dublin?

• Safer practices
• Trustworthy
• Value for money
• Outstanding results
• 24/7 customer support
• Fully insured and certified
• Satisfaction guarantee
• We are available 7 days
• 100% money-back guarantee
• Superfast cleaning and drying times
• Maximum stain removal
• Eco-friendly products

How to protect your upholstery investments?

Upholstery things often involve heavy investments and you should consider protecting them from dust, allergens, and other issues. You should extend their life by maintaining them in a perfect state. 

At Wg cleaning services, we take care of your furnishings with expert teams to ensure high protection. Our company provides ways to bring a new life to your furniture things with in-depth cleaning. 

Your upholstery will become dirty soon and you should work with a company that offers topmost services. We are one of the best upholstery cleaning companies in Dublin which help to prevent your furnishings from damages and other problems. 

Our company utilizes state-of-art equipment in upholstery cleaning that gives ways to restore the conditions. Besides that, we show methods to remove stains from furniture items with perfection to get the desired outcomes.

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How does our upholstery cleaning work?

  • The first thing is that you have to fix an appointment with our company based on your availability and time. 
  • Our technicians will come to your place and inspect furnishing items properly to create a plan accordingly. 
  • In the next step, they will apply the most suitable cleaning technique based on your  upholstery conditions
  • We finish works on time that can help refresh your furniture conditions

What is the cost of upholstery cleaning services?

The costs of upholstery cleaning services may vary from one company to another company in Dublin. Our rates are competitive and you can hire services from us after knowing complete details. You can also request free quotes from our company that can help get ideas as early as possible. Furthermore, you can hire services which exactly fit your requirements. We charge fixed rates that don’t include any hidden charges.

How to book our services?

You can visit our website and send the details to us after filling them in the message box. We will contact you immediately and explain our services in detail that can help make a better decision. Besides that, you can call us over the phone to know more about upholstery cleaning and other information.

Contact us today to plan your next upholstery cleaning project with excellence to witness complete satisfaction. 

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